A Laminated Wood Flooring is a multi layered flooring product with a lamination process. It replicates wood with an ornamental photogenic layer with a protective layer. They are popularly known as Floating Wood Tile in the United States. These floorings offer moisture and sound reducing properties which are laid with a small gap from the immovable objects to allow expansion in cases of seepage. Bushboard worktops for sale @www.wood2u.co.uk.

The history of it history dates back to 1977 and was invented by Perstorp, a Swedish company and is sold under the brand `Pergo`. They are in the manufacture of floorings since 1923 and was first marketed to Europe in 1984 and then to United States in 1994. They offer more privileges to the customers compared to the other flooring types. They are cost effective, durable, versatile, and very hygienic and many textures and styles can be easily replicated. They can be installed with the minimum skill set.